University Hospital Limerick - Protective Development Control Plan

In the spring of 2016 Kevin Jackson Architects and O'Connell Mahon Architects were asked to review the Protective Development Control Plan (PDCP) for the University Hospital Limerick on St Nessan's Road at Dooradyle Limerick where the demise of the co located hospital project required a strategic review of the site to accommodate envisaged future development with particular respect to the possible relocation of Maternity services from the Ennis Road Limerick along with the re-development and expansion of Ward accommodation, Cancer services, Outpatients and Parking. The plan consolidates the already developed strategy for ward development along the western frontage to St Nessan's Road. The co located hospital is replaced in the north west sector by the Maternity Hospital and Outpatients is relocated to the western campus thus forming a new Urban edge for the campus along both sides of the St Nessan's Road. Public parking is provided in basements below all of these developments following the precedent set with the Critical Care Unit and Emergency and Renal Projects) while staff parking is provided in a multi-storey car park at the rear to the south. The site is an Architectural Conservation Area and the Hospital Chapel is a protected structure and the proposals are backed up by the conservation strategy which has been developed in support of the possible development.


HSE Estates West

O'Connell Mahon Architects